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Chip-Tuning Performance for European Cars

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2014 - 2016 Dodge Ram 1500 EcoDiesel

Ram 1500 EcoDiesel 3.0L CR Diesel: ECO - 30hp/51ftlbs, Stage1 - 37hp/63ftlbs, Stage2 - 44hp/75ftlbs. Custom and Off-Road Tunes Available. | more to come |


2.0 TFSI plus DSG Programing - Launch Control & Increased Torque Allowance! stage1: +45hp +56ftlbs - stage2: +58hp +74ftlbs| more to come |


Rocketchip Economy and Performance Tuning for Jeep Liberty CRD's. Improve fuel economy and enhance towing capability. Mercedes CDI off-road tuning for improved fuel economy and more power (all years). Eliminate speed limiter on delivery vans. Feel free to email us and we will respond as soon as is possible. Thank you for your business.

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2017 Holiday Tuning Sale - 10% OFF ALL NEW TUNES ends 12/31/17 - coming in 2018

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TDI Fest 2018

See You There: TDIFest 2018 (TBD) on the Labour Day weekend (dates/venue tbd).more |

FAQs Frequently Asked Questions

Drivability, Performance, Economy,and Longevity

RC began tuning street and race cars, over 25 years ago and have been in the automotive & motorsports business as participants and consultants for R&D and special projects. Our efforts have included drag bike racing by supporting AMA Prostar "Promod & Funnybike" projects with digital fuel injection engine management. We have experience tuning anything (open or closed loop) from 9 sec. snowmobiles, to european and domestic cars & trucks. RC's owner holds a degree in Mechanical Engineering, and specializes in automotive powertrain, propulsion, and suspension technologies.

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How do I get my car chipped?

Best way is to drive to our shop or meet us at one of our GTG’s by appointment. This way you don’t have to be without your car for several days waiting for shipping. You can also ship us your ECU and we will service it and overnight ship it the same day. For drive up service, you can expect the tuning job to take an hour, which includes a vagcom tune-up, road test, and software demonstration of your actual increases over the previous/stock version. Bring a floppy, and/or I can email you your visual maps (boost, maf, fuel, timing, smoke, torque, and egr) and vagcom log files from the test run.

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What increases are to be expected?

Check with the link on our web page for your car’s horsepower. The torque is NM * 0 .74 = FTlb.

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Where is my ECU located in my car?

I’ll dodge this one and redirect you to this link: great site, and good products too.

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How does the chip tuning affect my automatic transmission shift points?

The performance chip for both diesel and gas applications, improves the shift points and up-shift programming as well. The quality of the shift should also change as you drive the car due to the adaptive behavior of the ECU.

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How does the chip tuning affect my engine’s rev limiter?

The rev limiter is increased for the gas and unchanged for diesel engines. For example, the 1.8T was 6500 rpm, and increases to 7400 rpm when chipped. Diesel engines have a mean-piston-speed limitation you don’t want to cross with the high (19:1) compression.

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How does the chip tuning affect my vehicles top speed?

It will definitely improve that without a doubt. It should be an overall increase of about 10% for gas, and 20% for diesel applications. (i.e. was 105 mph, now = 125 mph for diesels).

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Does the chip tuning affect my ASR, EDL, and ESP operation?

The traction control (ASR), electronic differential lock (EDL), and electronic stabilization programs (ESP), are not affected by changes to the engine control unit (ECU). Each sub-system mentioned above has it’s own set of control parameters and microprocessors.

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How does this affect the warranty?

Performance chip usually voids engine warranty if detected. However, should you require warranty service for turbo, or other big-ticket items, we can return the ECU to stock chip version before you take it in. Just ship us the ECU first.

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Can I get socket(s) and have my old chips back?

This is not recommended, just because of past experiences with surface mounted chips in sockets. Contacts are very tiny and can move around with many heat cycles. This can lead to occasional no-starts especially on cold mornings. If they are soldered correctly, you can eliminate loose connections. Also to note we use professional hot air soldering, and not messy flux-soaked clamps like our competition. It’s difficult to determine if the chip has been disturbed after we are done soldering. There are also no cold solder joints. It’s very clean and neat. If you’re getting re-chipped and the last chip tuner added gobs of solder, I’ll clean up the board and install a brand new chip. (Note: we only use industrial grade 70ns quality chips, not commercial 120’s.)

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How does my car adapt to the new chip?

Turbo Diesels will only take about 50 miles to fully adapt, however, gas turbo’s will need to run a tank of gas or approx. 300 miles.

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Check Engine Light Recurrences?

Our program parameters are well within operating ranges (Stages 1 & 2 ) and should not cause MIL lights or engine protect-mode (shut-down). Turbo Diesels however may have “Adaptation” values that exceed fueling requirements or injection timing that may cause protect-mode (shut-down). Faulty MAF sensors or gas MAF on a diesel can throw a code too. Good reason to drive car to us. We will drive car and log vag-com data (MAF, boost, and injection timing).

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Satisfaction guaranteed, or next higher version is free!

This is a no-brainer. We always recommend the version that best fits the driving habits/styles of the user. We don’t want you trashing your engine with too much power, nor do we want you speeding around town running over our children and pets! Not to mention speeding tickets! Understand this – Too much power will cost you money, period! Fuel economy will suffer too. You will need to change oil more often, because excess fueling will flush-out piston rings. Diesels will smoke like a train and soot in the oil is a crank killer. Enough said, you won’t be disappointed with your chip.

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Can I return my ECU to stock and put my old chip into my new car?

Yes if you new car has the identical ECU as the old car. Most likely not, so you’ll need to buy a new version. I’ll be glad to clone your chip onto another car you own, but it must be the same ECU number, and titled to you. I want your future business. I’ll also give you multiple car discount too. (This is not to be confused with group buys)

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A3 Jetta’s and B4 Passat’s have 2-socketed 32plcc or 28 pin Dip chips, can I change these myself?

Yes, you can request your old chips back and install new chips in these car’s sockets. I recommend you keep your old chips, so if you sell your car you can return it to stock. You can also resell the chips this way. (I’ll get banged for this from other chip tuners but that’s that!) Just send me an email for advice and guidance on this topic. Do not spray cleaners on your circuit board unless you know what you are doing! I’ve seen oxidation and corrosion on circuit boards caused by caustic cleaners/etcher solutions.

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The dreaded, emissions failure, what if my car fails?

You could move to PA like I did, or return it to stock for the test and then switch it back. I will probably need to charge a nominal fee to do this, just because I’ll need to check out the operation of the car and determine what the cause the problem is. You’ll have to drive the car for a tank of gas before the re-learn procedures and readiness code is achieved. 99% of all chipped cars should pass emissions testing.

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Can you adapt diesel European ECU’s to the American cars?

There are several versions of European ecu’s that will work in turbo diesel VW’s. Because the US requires OBDII architecture, this may cause problems where emissions are required (i.e. Readiness code). I have a project that I’ve been working on to clone ECU’s of the same family architecture, so as to add the personality of the European chip parameters to a US ECU. This achieves euro-performance and provides accurate MFA reporting. Check back in a couple of months on this one. My goal is to be able to restore dead ECU’s with cloned personalities. Immobilizer is also cracked, giving way to easily installing TDI’s into project cars, boats, and Army Robots. Industrial TDI’s that have no immobilizer or OBDII requirements are showing up on battlefields in the near future, GO VW! Check on Fred’s site and search for more info. Note: Pumpe Duse TDI ECU’s are completely different than conventional distribution pump TDI’s and will not convert. AJM 115hp PD, and ARL 150 PD engines are the most desired engines here in the states but not here yet.

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Can RocketChip provide advanced tuners and off-road racing custom chip versions?

Yes, we have our own software that provides the serious tuner with actual editing screens for engine parameters (boost, fueling, and timing) and visual tuning maps. The bad news is that we only do this on turbo-diesels, and avoid gas applications. The reason is that the gas applications already exist for proven hardware combinations. The custom tuning diesel versions for off-road are accompanied with hardware changes such as, larger turbo’s, bigger injectors, and custom induction/intercooler/exhaust systems. I can recommend a serious builder a wicked-awesome combination of parts for a 200hp TDI, and 325 ft-lb torque monster on a distributor pump engine, stock bottom end and with bolt-on mod’s. (22psi continuous boost). Coming soon a bigger monster PD engine. Stay tuned.

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Can RocketChip provide switchable dual stage chips?

Yes, this is an internal ECU modification, which is reversible as well. It’s not fancy but it works! Just install a small switch somewhere and switch between mild version and max version performance while you drive. For more information, see the separate link on our homepage “Dual Switched Chip.”

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Can I run a tuning-box with a chip on my Diesel car?

Yes of course, but it’s not necessary. The tuning box provides an offset to the injection pump (voltage) map and adds increased fueling slightly earlier than requested. The tuning box moves the entire injection quantity map by an offset (as followed by altered MAF signal too) chosen by either trim pots on the box or predetermined (depending on the box). This adds power earlier, but spooling up the turbo quicker thus launching power earlier. The steady state boost is not increased with the tuning box only, but is increased with the chip! The increased boost with the chip will improve fuel economy under normal steady state conditions, but will decrease with the heavy foot syndrome.

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Can I run a 2.0 L gas MAF on a diesel TDI with a chip?

Yes, but your car may produce excess smoke under all rpm conditions. It may also exhibit a hesitation when coming off steady part throttle conditions. I recommend adding a trim pot or fixed resistor to the maf signal to reduce it to match the requested signal. Check with Fred’s TDIclub site for details. If and when the maf modification is dialed in correctly, you can log a vagcom run and watch the actual values closely follow the requested up to 850 mg/R. The 2.0 L with out the resistors will read upwards of 1275 mg/R and may throw maf code. (Also visit Ross-tech site for more info on vagcom)

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What is the chksum, and why is so important for chips to work?

In a nutshell, the chksum is the ecu’s accountant. It reads the binary data and adds it up and checks the results against the actuals in a hidden/encrypted bin location(s). Some ecu’s only perform this on boot-up and others are continually processing /checking / validating the code. Kind of like when you do a head count of your children all the while you are walking through Disney World. If they are all there, everything is cool, otherwise, shut down and abort mission. The chksum is also the digital signature of the binary/hex file too. Each chip tuner’s file has been uniquely created and has a unique chksum. This way companies can copyright, or trademark their product or code. Our chips will always have our chksums and no one else’s, guaranteed.

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I got my car chipped last week/year/etc, and it runs like crap now, and dealer can’t fix it what do I do?

This often happens when garages try the machine-gun approach to repairs (replace all the sensors and transducers). Gas engines can run in open loop, and problems can easily be diagnosed with OBDII diagnostic hardware. We always check gas engine ecu’s with reader for fault codes, prior to chipping. I guarantee that (99.999 %) chances are that it’s not the chip, if its drivability issue. A no start however, could be the ecu. Ecu’s occasionally fail, or just get stupid; this is a fact of life. If and when I encounter this problem, I will be glad to replace the ecu, but don’t try to place a dead unit into your car and claim it was the one we killed. This is the one reason I like “Immobilizer” I can get; name rank, and serial number from within your ecu, unless it was zapped by lightning. In that case it’s your insurance companies claim.

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My Air Bag / ABS / SRS light won’t go out, did the chip cause this problem?

No not the ECU’s problem, these other sub-systems have their own micro-processors and are independent systems. They do however, communicate with each other on the CAN bus with a data handshake, only to coexist in the same network. These faults demand attention for the safety of the vehicle and should be challenged by the dealership only. There could be serious liabilities if these other sub-system failures are ignored.

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My dyno results are different that your advertised results “sup w/dat”?

Simply put, our numbers are approximations, measured at sea level, on a perfect day, with a perfectly calibrated machine, by a guy who slept at Holiday Inn the night before. If your not satisfied with your purchase, you money back is guaranteed, if and only if we remove “our” old code and restore your original code. If you’ve been re-chipped somewhere else and got a stronger version, we can’t be responsible for that.

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I want to run French fry Oil / BioD / ect, in my diesel, do you have a chip for me?

Yes, I do have a chip for your application. Stage 2 will work fine on these fuels. The engine management system is a closed loop control system and many people are doing this successfully. I think it’s a great idea to have an omnivorous engine! Just be careful of lubricity of fuel and remember -no gasoline in diesel cars!

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