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Chip-Tuning Performance for European Cars

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2014 - 2016 Dodge Ram 1500 EcoDiesel

Ram 1500 EcoDiesel 3.0L CR Diesel: ECO - 30hp/51ftlbs, Stage1 - 37hp/63ftlbs, Stage2 - 44hp/75ftlbs. Custom and Off-Road Tunes Available. | more to come |


2.0 TFSI plus DSG Programing - Launch Control & Increased Torque Allowance! stage1: +45hp +56ftlbs - stage2: +58hp +74ftlbs| more to come |


Rocketchip Economy and Performance Tuning for Jeep Liberty CRD's. Improve fuel economy and enhance towing capability. Mercedes CDI off-road tuning for improved fuel economy and more power (all years). Eliminate speed limiter on delivery vans. Feel free to email us and we will respond as soon as is possible. Thank you for your business.

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2017 Holiday Tuning Sale - 10% OFF ALL NEW TUNES ends 12/31/17 - coming in 2018

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TDI Fest 2018

See You There: TDIFest 2018 (TBD) on the Labour Day weekend (dates/venue tbd).more |

Euro Performance Chip Tuning

RC can upgrade your VAG ecu firmware to exact european oem and tuned versions. This is a complete transformation of your ecu from a US part number to a european Part number.

European cars obviously have a different duty cycle on the autobahn, and still maintain a strict emissions requirement. Generally, the euro cars have more hp/torque with bigger injectors, and also have less sensitivity to cel lights due to higher operating parameters.

For example, I have found that using an incorrect maf (mass air flow) sensor in a US ALH90 TDI will throw an egr code, however the much cheaper 2.0L gas maf sensor can be used in our diesels running the euro firmware, and will never throw codes due to the decreased sensitivity. The euro cars also employ engine management safeguards such as oil temp monitoring that will actually reduce power according to an oil temp map. This is not implemeneted in US cars, the temp sensor is delete. This allows the euro cars to cruise the autobahn at high speeds w/o destroying motors.

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