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Chip-Tuning Performance for European Cars

Whats New at RocketChip

2014 - 2016 Dodge Ram 1500 EcoDiesel

Ram 1500 EcoDiesel 3.0L CR Diesel: ECO - 30hp/51ftlbs, Stage1 - 37hp/63ftlbs, Stage2 - 44hp/75ftlbs. Custom and Off-Road Tunes Available. | more to come |


2.0 TFSI plus DSG Programing - Launch Control & Increased Torque Allowance! stage1: +45hp +56ftlbs - stage2: +58hp +74ftlbs| more to come |


Rocketchip Economy and Performance Tuning for Jeep Liberty CRD's. Improve fuel economy and enhance towing capability. Mercedes CDI off-road tuning for improved fuel economy and more power (all years). Eliminate speed limiter on delivery vans. Feel free to email us and we will respond as soon as is possible. Thank you for your business.

Upcoming Events

2017 Holiday Tuning Sale - 10% OFF ALL NEW TUNES ends 12/31/17 - coming in 2018

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TDI Fest 2018

See You There: TDIFest 2018 (TBD) on the Labour Day weekend (dates/venue tbd).more |

About Rocket Chip Performance Tuning

RC engineers began tuning street and race cars, over 25 years ago as a hobby, and have been in the automotive & motorsport business as participants and consultants for automotive R&D and special projects. Our efforts have included drag bike racing by supporting AMA Prostar "Promod & Funnybike" projects with digital fuel injection engine management. We have experience tuning anything (open or closed loop) from 9 sec. snowmobiles, to european and domestic cars & trucks. RC's owner holds a degree in Mechanical Engineering, and specializes in automotive powertrain, propulsion, and suspension technologies. RC is not only a tuner, but also an R&D design facility that can develop hardware using cad/cam tools and FEA capabilities. RC also has a sister company Proto-tronics to develop circuit boards for data acquisition and small automotive projects. Electronics and software development is necessary to support RC's racing projects, as well as street applications.

RocketChip specializes in products that bring the best available tuning alternatives and always stays one step ahead of the competition. Our latest successful efforts include the euro firmware upgrades for our US gas and diesel Vag/Bosch cars. We found that because euro cars have a different duty cycle than our US counterparts, they are tuned very different (ie. stronger).

RC maintains the latest tuning equipment, and software tools and has the capability for obd2 serial programming in your car, or on our automotive "Hot Bench" for mail order customers. We restore engine ecu's, clusters, and radios. We understand vag immobilizer cars, and can provide login codes and restore components that have lost their adaptation properties.

RC has the highest quality tuning products that do not waste fuel, cause protect-mode shut downs or throw CEL's. We support offroad applications as well as your daily driver. Our clients and sponsorships include: ProRally, supermileage, dragracing, and Land speed record vehicles.

RocketChip Performance Tuning